Kindergarten Enrollment

The staff at Thomas Ultican Elementary would like to invite you to enroll your child for Kindergarten.

Students must be 5 years of age BEFORE August 1, 2023


When:  We have two dates scheduled for enrollment and screening at TUE. You are welcome to email all required paperwork to [email protected] to get the process started at any time. Be sure to sign up for an appointment at: TUE Kindergarten Enrollment & Screening

Enrollment and Screening Dates:

Tuesday, March 28 – 12:00 PM-7:00 PM

 Wednesday, March 29 – 9:00 AM-3:00 PM


Where:  Thomas Ultican Elementary

What do I need to enroll my child?

·         Your child’s birth certificate-state copy, must list enrolling parent/guardian name

·         Parent photo ID

·         Current immunization record

·         If applicable, divorce decree, parenting plan, and/or pertinent adoption or foster care paperwork

·         Two of the following items and must display present district address and guardian name:

1.      *Gas bill

 2.      *Electric bill

3.      *Water bill

4.      Lease agreement or mortgage statement

5.      Construction contract if building a home-including expected completion.

*Current bills within the last 30 days, no shut-off notices/delinquent bills. Must include the occupant’s name and address.

Enrollment process

To complete enrollment electronically, please email the above listed items to [email protected] at any time. Once you have provided required documentation, we will contact you with information to create your Parent Portal via email. You will still need to click here to schedule a time to bring your student in for screening and ensure enrollment is complete.


If you prefer to complete all enrollment in person, you may bring all required documentation to the school, along with your enrolling kindergartner, on the date of enrollment during your designated time. We will provide you will information to complete your Parent Portal at that time. There will be computers available to complete registration during your appointment.


If you have any questions, please contact Thomas Ultican Elementary at 816-874-3710 or email [email protected]